Ten reasons why not to be single.

1. You have someone to pick up the take-away from half a block down the road even if it is drizzling.

2. You can together stay home and watch a Mithun starrer from the 80s on a Saturday night without feeling like you have no social life.

3. You can take a walk in the park without staring at the couples who are busy snogging.

4. Because friends don't try to pair you up with just about anyone out of sheer pity (or maybe disgust!).

5. The house is a mess after that party you had last night. The thought of cleaning up alone is inspiring enough to stay in bed!

6. Sex is no longer a rare commodity

7. You don't have to sleep in a tiny single bed and find yourself on the floor three nights a week.

8. You always have someone to pick / drop you to the airport at odd hours.

9. You have someone to call when you feeling low.

10. You don't have to secretly order flowers for yourself on the Internet and have them shipped to your office on Valentine's Day.

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