How to be politically correct

How to be politically correct about women:woman-sign.jpg

1. She’s not doll, babe or sweety, she’s “a person gifted with breasts”.
2. She’s not easy, she’s just “accessible horizontally”.
3. Not a dumb blond, only a “a person with brightly colored hair who hasn’t kept herself informed”.
4. She’s not the ex, just “a person whose company I enjoyed”.
5. She’s not bugging you, she only “verbally repeats herself”.
6. She’s not a hooker you picked off the highway, she’s just a “a provider with discounted prices”.
7. She’s not a bad cook, she’s “only compatible with the microwave oven”.
8. She’s not wearing many jewels, she’s just “burdened with metal”.
9. She’s not a narcissist, she’s only “over preoccupied by her qualities”.
10. She’s not gotten fat, she’s just “went over her metabolic threshold”.
11. She’s not teasing or flirting, she’s just “engaging in artificial stimulation”.
12. She’s not anorexic, only “preeminently skeleton-like”.
13. She doesn’t hate football or sports, she’s just “ignorant, from an athletic point of view”.
14. She’s not just cold nor frigid, you can call her “inaccessible from a thermal point of view”.
15. She doesn’t have a lot of make-up, she just “reached cosmetic saturation”.

How to be politically correct about men:men-sign.jpg

1. He’s not an alcoholic, he just “developed an impressive quality of storing alcohol”.
2. He’s not a terrible dancer but merely “overly caucasian”.
3. He’s not wondering all the times, he’s only “exploring alternative destinations”.
4. He’s not going bald, he’s had “regressive pilosity”.
5. That’s not a hole in his pants, it’s only “a back cleavage”.

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