11.2 million % inflation! How is Zimbabwe surviving?

via: http://www.rediff.com/money/2008/sep/18slde1.htm

Zimbabwe's inflation rate has just touched a stratospheric level of 11.2 million per cent! Yes, 11.2 million per cent, the highest in the world's history!

Compare that to the rate of inflation in India -- which is hovering at the 12 per cent level and causing so much turmoil for Indians as the cost of commodities rises sharply -- and perhaps you can put things in proper perspective.

And while the world and its brother-in-law shed tears as the United States slips into a recession and major stock markets across the world plummet, spare a thought for Zimbabwe where money has no value, and hunger, poverty and death are constant companions. So why is Zimbabwe facing such times?

Image: A Zimbabwean man holds a new Z$ 500 million note.

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