The Funny Side of Work Visas & Job Angst - Page 2


Mergers Layoffs

Dot-com workers of America, Unite!

Pink Slips

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Job Prospects for the Class of 2001 - Migrant Engineering Labor

Threat of Deportation

Say No! To H-1B Visas

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Mad Jack

Immigrant Enginners in - Citizens Out

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American Engineering Association

Why Did they Lay you Off?

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American Engineering Association

Shortage of American Engineers

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American Engineering Association

Trent Lott[o]

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Mad Jack

What Does Globalism Have to do With Anything?

H-1B Train
H-1Bs Leave for the U.S. Looking for Work

Aliens are Not Pets!

Dot Com Workers: Where They Are Now?

High-Tech Braceros

Hunt For Foreign Professionals

Deportation Hearing

Unemployment Offices - 1 millionth Customer

NAFTA crossed with a GATT = Cheap Labor

Exploring the New Global Economy

Globalization 3050 AD

U.S. Labor Law

Starvation Wages

Worker Pay Rates - China vs. U.S.A.

WTO, NAFTA slave ship

What's Good for the UAW is Good for the Country

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